In Pursuit of Heavenly Hummus


You haven’t really tasted hummus until you savour it the way Galya Sarner makes it. She’s nothing if not a hummus aficionado, which comes from decades of eating and making it to perfection.  It’s one of her specialities and over the years her version of this spread, made from cooked, mashed chickpeas and other tasty ingredients, has left countless people craving for more.

To understand how Galya creates her irresistible hummus, view this video in which she demonstrates her winning ways for concocting this healthy treat.

Galya takes no shortcuts and only uses the best ingredients to ensure the desired results. One taste and you can tell the difference immediately.

Hummus by Galya Loves Food.  The way it’s supposed to be made.


Meanwhile, in early August 2017, BlogTO published its list of the best hummus in Toronto available at local restaurants. For more details, click here.

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  1. Wonderful video – brought back so vividly the brilliant flavours of the portion I tried today. Glad I now know how it’s made too!

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  2. This looks so amazing on the dish. I just showed my 2 daughters so they can appreciate the fantastic foods of Israel. Thanks!

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