In June 2020, Galya began making her gourmet hummus, labaneh, roasted red peppers, smoky eggplant and other treats available for sale in Toronto, branded Galya Loves Food. Since then, she has received numerous positive reactions from people who purchased her products. Here’s a selection of comments.

“Your food is outstanding. I love the hummus. It’s authentic and the flavours are just perfect. The texture, too, it’s really perfect. I think there’s tremendous value, especially at the price you’re selling it at.  

The Pecan Crunch roasted pecans and the Tel Aviv Delights date ‘cookies’ are perfect. They don’t need to be anything else. Truly authentic. 

I also love your branding and packaging. The jars are perfect. Galya Loves Food is phenomenal. Truly.”

Chef Jordan Wagman
James Beard-nominated chef, best-selling author, Toronto


“Your hummus product is obviously different and uniquely distinguishing from what is already on the market.

The mushroom hummus is very good. Very harmonious and instantly distinctive flavours. Novel as a hummus as well.

The strong-flavoured eggplant hummus is also very good and unique, especially for lovers of eggplant.

The fresh parsley in the hummus is not only a very good, pleasing additional aspect to the taste and presentation but quite a distinguishing element as well.

In addition to the hummus, I loved the jar of roasted red peppers. I feel it would be a “must” for any complex sandwich and an excellent complement for cooked meats or fish.”

Josh Josephson
Culinary expert, Toronto


“Your hummus is out of this world. A few tablespoons and I’m satisfied, though the first jar disappeared in one day. What a feast it was for me! I usually make my own, and I’ve tried many different versions but I love yours the most.

I’m already addicted to your Magic Red (roasted red peppers) and labaneh, which is outstanding with okra. These are the best red peppers I’ve tasted. I love the way they’re sliced thinly, the rosemary and the balance of flavours is perfect.

I adore red peppers and have never had such perfect ones peeled and thinly sliced, with ideal texture. They’re simply amazing. I could easily go through a jar a day of each of these.

I enjoy your creations as they are the best in the world. Congrats!”

Karen Bekker
Sommelier, Toronto

“My wife, Janette, and I had the pleasure of experiencing a jar of Galya Loves Food’s mushroom hummus creation. Wow. After all these years of trying various hummus in Israel and in Canada, who would have thought we had yet to find the most delicious until now! Galya Loves Food’s hummus is off-the-charts yummy with unique texture and flavours which make it a culinary delight.”

Mike Diamond
Philanthropist, investor and advisor, Toronto