Galya Loves Food is a natural extension of Galya Sarner’s expertise in and passion for Israeli cuisine.

Born in Jerusalem, Galya developed an insatiable interest in culinary matters at a young age when she began cooking with her mother. Today, after having further refined her gastronomic skills in Paris where she lived for five years, Galya conducts food workshops and does catering in Toronto.

IMG_5332In June 2020,  Galya responded to the suggestion of a friend that she sell her hummus in his nearby bagel bakery, Aba’s.  With the support and encouragement of a few friends, Galya and her daughter Shani prepared an initial selection of three flavours of her gourmet hummus.

All made with natural ingredients without preservatives and presented in attractive glass jars branded Galya Loves Food, they sold out in a matter of days. Likewise for her other irresistible culinary treats she featured at Aba’s — labaneh and roasted red peppers.

Within a month, other fine food outlets in Toronto were carrying Galya Loves Food products, which Galya promoted on social media as “joy in a jar” and “enjoy the taste of Israel.” While it’s still early days for Galya’s new, unplanned food endeavour, the extremely positive response so far seems to indicate great potential for its future development. Certainly, what’s not lacking is Galya’s expertise and creativity with Israeli food and her ideas for broadening her line of scrumptious creations.

“Like the people themselves, Israeli food is a captivating mix of many influences and ingredients from all over but especially from the Middle East,” says Galya. “It’s always great to see people in Toronto discover and enjoy Israeli-style food. In my own modest way, I’m thrilled to contribute to that process.”

GLF Hummus Sabich + Jerusalem Hummus. Photo by Zack Lati, July 2020