GLF hummus and labaneh make positive impact in Toronto

IMG_5273June 20, 2020 — Today, I have a smile on my face and a feeling of gratitude in my heart.  This after what happened yesterday when, at the encouragement of good friends Odette Levy, Michelle Muscat, Gili Merkur, Rima Biback and Karen Simpson, and with the help of my family,  I created a selection of artisanal hummus and labaneh for sale in Toronto at Aba’s Bagel Company.  The day before, I prepared a post on Facebook about this, without knowing if even one jar would be sold.

Several hours after delivering the hummus and labaneh to Aba’s, I learned that many people had already purchased my products. By the end of the day, the supply was almost sold out.


Thank you for the support of everybody who came to Aba’s especially to purchase my hummus or labaneh. I’m touched by the response, which is highly gratifying. All the more so since a portion of proceeds from the sales will go to the ERAN charity, which provides emotional first aid by phone and internet in Israel, with which I’m proudly involved.


I extend a special thank you to Arie Gershon, owner of Aba’s, for encouraging me to feature my food creations in his shop. Based on this initial experiment, he’s  already asked me to continue to make hummus, labaneh, sabich and other products to sell at Aba’s. I look forward to it. Let’s see where this takes Galya Loves Food.

Lastly, I want to express my appreciation to Odette Levy, Michelle Muscat, Gila Merkur Rima Biback and Karen Simpson for their support and mentorship. I couldn’t have done it without them.

Aba’s Bagel Company — 884 Eglinton Ave. West, Toronto. Tel: 416-780-2020.



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  1. claudiaaro says:


    Congratulations!! This is fantastic. I can’t wait to try them!!




  2. karranb says:

    Bought your hummus with eggplant today from Brodflour in Toronto! The jar is already almost empty, what a feast it was for me! I usually make my own, and I’ve tried many different versions but love yours the most. I can’t wait to try absolutely everything you make.

    I love Israeli cuisine, last year must have added about 7 Israeli cookbooks to my library. However, I’ll be reading them and enjoying your creations as they are the best in the world. Congrats!

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind comments. So happy you enjoyed my hummus with eggplant. It’s always gratifying to receive such feedback.

      In appreciation, I would like to offer you jars of my other flavours of hummus — Wild Forest Hummus and Jerusalem Hummus. To that end, please send me an email at

      Thank you again for writing such a nice response to your introduction to Galya Loves Food.

      With much appreciation,


      1. karranb says:

        That’s so very generous, thank you! Super excited about this marvellous discovery!

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  3. Doreen G. says:

    Excellent website. Easy to navigate.
    Received a jar of your labaneh from the Toronto Jewish Film Festival.
    Looking forward to tasting your other goodies…

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